For Women

Our signature programme, Mind Body Reset, is a 10 week online course that equips women with the tools to take control of their health. Sign up here


Covering five pillars – nutrition, fitness, hormones, mindset and lifestyle – we guide women step by step through 10 modules, with the option to choose free bolt-on lectures and attend live Q&As.

We address body fat loss, stress management, gut health, bone strength, cognitive health, pelvic floor conditioning, fatigue, skin health and much more.

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Mind Body Reset isn’t a quick-fix solution. It’s an intensive programme filled with proven strategies to transform your nutrition and lifestyle long term. Done right, it’s nothing less than transformative, freeing you from fads, yo yo dieting and punishing fitness workouts. Trust us, you won’t look back.


We use the latest nutrition research to bring you smarter ways to eat and live. This isn’t a fast track body blitz, it’s about instigating fad-free changes that last a lifetime. Within the 10 modules of the science-based programme we’ll talk you through brain food, sleep, weight management, gut health and so much more. There will also be recipe ideas, cheat sheets, practical guides and access to a WhatsApp group where you can get personalised specialist advice.


Your fitness journey throughout the course will be guided by pre-recorded workout videos tailored to your progress every few weeks. The sessions include pilates, strength training and upper and lower body weighted conditioning. You have the freedom to fit these into your schedule as suits you, but we’ll be behind you every step of the way celebrating your successes and helping you overcome obstacles. In the weekly tutorials we’ll talk you through building stronger bones, understanding metabolic rate, optimising pelvic floor health and reducing stress, plus much much more.


This programme is designed not only to guide you through nutrition and fitness but tochange your mindset too – helping you pinpoint behaviours that are holding you back so you can adopt healthy habits and transform the way you approach life. We believe in changing behaviours one nudge at a time, so expect a wealth of tips, tools and strategies – plus lots of accountability – to help you put your new health practices inplace. It’s time to regain confidence and feel your absolute best, inside and out. 


We have hectic schedules just like you and recognise the struggles and frustrations women go through. That’s why our modern approach is centred on integrated health approaches that include emotional and psychological wellbeing. We’ll empower you to make the shift to a new, more positive way of living that’s simple and straightforward but gets results. By the end of the programme you’ll have adopted dramatic lifestyle changes and achieved results you love. 


Harnessing the power of hormones – making sure you’re in control, not the other way around – is crucial for every aspect of women’s wellbeing. From PMS to HRT, we offer actionable advice and educational seminars from Nick Panay and otherworld leading voices in hormone health.